The SONY electric car, could this become a bloggers car?

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While browsing the internet for video info from CES this caught my eye. An electric car from Sony. It’s not surprising to see Sony having a hand in the newest electric car technology as a great part of this falls into Sony’s remit.

As you can see the Sony electric car is full of cameras probably HD cameras. If Sony were even more inovative you could add a few HDMI ports to allow you to blog live from your car…as long as you don’t take your eyes off the road.

Love all the screens in this car though great as long as they don’t break down.

As an additional safety measure, internal sensors will monitor facial expressions and body language to gauge concentration and alertness. Sony says that the sensors are also for comfort, and will adjust the temperature as needed.

Edit car…now there is a thought. Have a link from a laptop or iPad in the back of the car allowing editing facilities.

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  1. David Heath says:

    You don’t need to wait for Sony! Tesla have beaten them to it by years. Search the internet, and you don’t have to try hard to find examples of postings from a Tesla’s cameras. And there are various examples of such being used practically – providing evidence of crime for example, such as catching vandals damaging cars.

    Whenever I see “concept car” my reaction is normally “something never to see the light of day”, but maybe if Sony find motor firm partners, this may one day happen?

    They’ve got a long way to go to catch up to Tesla though!

    HDW : David I totally agree the best and longest electric miles by far is Tesla but still a bit too dear.

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