Cinemartin gone bankrupt, very sad news

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Via Cinemartin’s Facebook page. “Bad news, we are about to close due to bankrupt. Our tie mother company leaves us with no other option.
End of Cinemartin probably by 1 April, the joke day, but our end as a filmmaking company.”

“Thank you for all your efforts and grattittude.
Soon we will make the public announcement”

HD Warrior were one of the first blogs to produce a review about their 7″ monitor which I still use.

The Cinemartin boys from Spain will be missed by many of us who were looking forward to their 8K FRAN camera, possibly a giant step too far.

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  1. Bernd says:

    Not really surprising I dare say. I always had strange feelings about this company and the sometimes unprofessional and questionable way it acts, communicates and delivers – or not. Cinemartin is definitely not a company I would buy a 20.000 Euro work-in-progress-camera like the Fran from! Honestly I don’t think that it will be missed by too many professionals in our business.
    The Loyal LT monitor, once praised for its low price, was nothing else than a re-labelled chinese product built by Feelworld. Cinemartin managed to offer it for about 20 Euro less by simply taking away the accessories that were part of the Feelworld bundle.

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