Card manufacturers need to be more consistent !

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Just had a call from one on my site sponsors asking me to highlight Sonys recording media chart for the Sony PXW-Z190 as customers are finding problems with certain media not filming 4K footage. The main problem with this is the card manufacturer themselves giving customers inconsistency in their card information.


Here are a few examples..

They are all SDXC cards, class 10 but in the case of Transend what does the 200x refer to !!! The only card suitable for 4K filming is the Lexar at U3.

Using the new V90 SD card association protocol (90Mbps). 4K up till now required a card to have a U3 rating with a 64G card. I do find this all very confusing as only the most recent Panasonic cards have the V rating on them.

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  1. Guy McLoughlin says:

    Page 113 of the PXW-Z190 user manual states the recording bit-rates for the different formats, with a highest quality 4K video bit-rate of 150 Mbps or roughly 19 MB/sec.

    Pretty much any U3 certified Class 10 SDXC card can handle this recording rate. ( it’s the same data-rate as the Panasonic GH5 when it’s recording 4K IPB footage )

  2. Jiri Vrozina says:

    angelbird V60 are good value

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