Uncowed comes to a dramatic end

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Well thats my two weeks over on the isle of Arran filming a documentary of a film about bullying called Uncowed.

I used my trusty Panasonic GH5 with various lenses and XLR unit, filming at 4K 50p

There has been hanging actors from cliffs…

Results of dropping actors from cliffs

Dancing on the Arran ferry

Shootings at the standing stones at Machrie Moore

Never work with children and animals..a rule broken on both accounts

Car crash into a barn

Two local apprentices Sean and Rory who loved the last two weeks and gained a ton of experience.

I got to work with my old Flashback Video colleagues after a twenty five year break.

My thanks to Chris and Jan Attkins for all their splendid hospitality and me old pals Richard, Frank and Graeme for all the additional video and photography.

And finally Allan the coolest manager of the Belvedere Guest House and his three lovely dogs and all his brilliant hospitality.

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  1. Svein Rune Skilnand says:

    Hi Philip. I am glad to see you are back and up and running again. I enjoy reading your articles. I am looking into the GH5 myself to shoot behind the scenes and was wondering what lenses you find most beneficial in that line of work? Also considering the GH5 has image stabilization, would you say that is more practical than the newer GH5s? Keep up the good work and hope your health is improving.

    HDW : Recently I used the best lens for the GH5 the Olympus 12-100 f4 IS lens, this is probably the only lens you will ever need on the GH5.

  2. Gerald Green says:

    Great pics, hope you’ll find the time to make a video or an article detailing the shooting process, it would be not only interesting but of great help to novices or those who are setting out to film a documentary or a small feature. You did deserve to be the main dop though – with your experience and knowledge. Great blog!!!

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