X Effects 15 Smooth Glass for FCPX $39 limited period

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A new set of effects from idustrial revolution for a limited time at $39

XEffects Smooth Glass Slideshow enables the creation of beautiful dynamic, glossy slideshows. Combine media with self animating glassy bar titles & transitions. Add information with customisable text elements with built in colour palettes and on screen controls.

A highly customisable set of 39 plugins, each element can be layered up to produce some stunning animations.

The glossy bar titles have a range of sizes, width animations, directions & acceleration, brightness & tint, bevel edge, opacity and colour.

The transitions are similar with matching customisable bars either side of the revealing wipe.

Text elements have over 30 built-in colour selections or choose your own to match a corporate colour scheme or theme. Text move matches the motion of the image or video underneath.


  • Grow, shrink and constant thickness strips
  • Layer as many strips as you wish, including overlaps
  • Constant or acceleration strip moves left or right
  • Adjust strip blur, tint and brightness
  • Adjust strip edge width, colour and opacity
  • Image and text moves match
  • OSC for text placement anywhere on frame
  • Built-in text colour palettes or use your own
  • Layer as many text elements as you wish
  • 4K Ready

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