Sony Pro at the Glasgow Science Centre

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This morning I went to the Sony Pro Show at the Glasgow Science Centre

Alister Chapman was on hand to deliver a fascinating seminar about filming with HDR.

The boys from CVP were on hand Danny and Colin just in case you fancied an early Christmas camcorder.

Glad to see the X70 at the show this basically is the Z90 without 4K and HDR.

Scott looking at the new Sony PXW-X90


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  1. adiskin007 says:

    Hello Philip.
    If you managed to get acquainted with the Z90, you can confirm that the auto focus is significantly strengthened in comparison with the X70.
    Thank you

    HDW : Sorry but we only glanced at the camera.

  2. Jon says:

    Looking forward to your thoughts/review of the Z90.

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