New tripod from Sachtler..FlowTech 75…£810 plus vat

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Sachtler have produced a new set of carbon fibre legs called the Flowtech 75 at a reasonable price of £810 plus vat.

The Sachtler 1017 System Ace XL fluid head with flowtech™75 tripod legs offers a tripod system for videographers who use cameras weighing up to 8 kg (17.6 lbs). The Ace XL system enables broadcast-style performance while using lightweight components more suited to HDSLRs and compact camcorders.

The Ace XL fluid head features fiberglass-reinforced composite construction and weighs only 1.7 kg (3.7 lbs). The two-stage carbon fiber legs weigh only 2.9 kg (6.4 lbs). This makes the system lightweight at only 4.8 kg (10.6 lbs).

The Ace XL Fluid Head has a fiberglass-reinforced composite construction that is both lightweight and strong, a counterbalance system with eight stepped settings for up to 17.6 lbs of counterbalance, Sachtler’s Synchronized Actuated Drag (SA-drag) fluid drag system for both pan and tilt.

The SA-drag system provides three drag grades, plus a zero setting for no drag and a panning range of 360° and tilt range of +90 to – 75° +. The ACE 5.5″ long camera balance plate allows 4.1″ of sliding balance adjustment, there is a 75mm ball for fast levelling, and an illuminated bubble level built into the head plus one mounting point for the pan bar on the right side of the head.

The flowtech™75 tripod legs are unique with quick release brakes which deploy and enable you to adjust your tripod in an instant.  New ergonomic carbon fibre leg design means it is easy to transport and has exceptional torsional stiffness.  The versatile hinge lock mechanism enables you to capture extremely low and high shots.

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Panasonic EVA-1 increased by £329 thanks to BREXIT

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Shocking news… Panasonic are to increase the EVA-1 camera by £329 and its not even out yet..once again BREXIT is to blame for our very poor exchange rate.

Will be interesting to see if Sony, Canon, Blackmagic and JVC do the same.

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ADVERT…H Preston Media’s Sony FS5 Raw Deal

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Buy a Sony FS5 during September from H Preston Media and get a FREE RAW upgrade CBKZ-FS5RIF worth £500 for £3899 incl vat this also includes a £300 cash back when you buy a lens adapter.

PLUS 12 Months 0% Interest on every order over £500.00. Some people have been questioning this deal as being too good, phone John Preston and he will explain the deal to you.

Call John or Andy on 01684 575486 or email

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Lexar are bought over by Longsys

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Not before time someone has bought the Lexar brand just in time for the Panasonic GH5 and EVA-1. I do hope this will allow the Lexar brand to expand and become a market leader both in price and availability.

Strength of Lexar Brand Combined with Longsys’ Consumer Storage Dedication Enables Continued Support to Existing Lexar Customers as well as Exciting New Growth Opportunities

SHENZHEN, China and SAN JOSE, Calif (Aug. 31, 2017) – Longsys, a world leader in consumer flash storage, today announced that it has acquired the Lexar trademark and branding rights from Micron Technology, Inc. The Lexar brand has long been recognized as a leading brand for high-performance, high-reliability removable storage solutions for a wide variety of applications, such as the professional photography market. This acquisition provides assurance to existing Lexar customers that the solutions and support they have come to expect from Lexar branded products will continue to be available. Additionally, the market reach and product breadth provided by Longsys promises to expand the Lexar customer experience into new market segments and geographies.

“We are very honored to acquire the Lexar brand,” said Huabo Cai, CEO of Longsys Electronics Limited. “Lexar has built a great brand name and our vision is to make it even greater. Existing customers can rest assured that the innovative solutions and excellent support that they have experienced from Lexar will continue. The mission to make Lexar the go-to brand for high-performance removable storage continues, and we will expand upon it to offer even more compelling solutions as the age of wireless and big-data impact the consumer storage markets.”

Longsys has been focused on flash storage for over 18 years and provides a broad portfolio of solutions. Its embedded storage brand FORESEE® is leading in the market in China and growing rapidly on a worldwide basis. The company develops complete solutions, including software and hardware, which is key to innovation and deploying leading-edge flash technologies, such as 3D NAND. Longsys currently sells over 100 million flash-based products to the market on an annual basis. Lexar customers will benefit from the strategy and company culture of Longsys, including innovation, stability, strict quality control, localized and customized support and services, and a consumer storage focus.

Longsys envisions continued growth in the removable storage market, as many industry trends impact the consumer, including big data, wireless, and Quality of Service (QoS). Virtual reality, 8K video, automotive infotainment, video surveillance and drones are all examples of emerging applications expected to drive demand for high-performance, high-reliability removable storage. Longsys, with its focus on consumer storage, innovation, quality and reliability, is uniquely positioned to offer Lexar products and services to help solve these complex problems and provide solutions the market will demand.

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