Serious intermittent fault with new GH5 firmware V2 “Shutting down camera”

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I had this intermittent fault just after I updated my camera but thought nothing of it and put it down to finger problems. Today my friend Stewart phoned me to explain what happened to him yesterday and we discovered it was the same problem, camera shuts down by itself.

Problem…As you press the DISPLAY button it eventually reaches a total blank screen, then although it does not happen every time, the camera shuts down.

Work around…Switch the camera off and on again.

UPDATE : One of my readers thinks it might also be related to the type of software as seemingly the PC download has the POWER SAVE LVF SHOOTING mode in the OFF position while the MAC version which is the one I used is at the 1SEC position…interesting.

As usual time and time again the wrong people get the FW early who do not pick up on these problems.

Meanwhile you can avoid this happening by locking off the DISPLAY button as shown by Erik Naso below…The good point about locking off the display button is once its locked off it stays that way even after powering down your GH5.

Please report to me on this blog if you also have the same problem with your GH5 and we can get Panasonic to act quickly to remedy this. It would also be useful to know where you are from i.e. Scotland, England, USA etc.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Same issue here!

    HDW : Thanks Kevin I will report to Panasonic on Monday

  2. Morten says:

    Does not happen to me. Have tried several times – both while recoring and not – it does not stop or shut down.

    HDW : Thanks for reporting back. Please be aware its an intermittent fault so you may come across this in the future.

  3. Ron Evans says:

    I have tried this many times and the camera does not shut down for me. It does go to the blank screen, wireless indicator is still on. Left for some time and a press of the disp button goes back to normal screen view. Will try again later today too but for now mine does not seem to have this problem.

    HDW : Hi Ron thanks for trying but please be aware its an intermittent fault so you may come across this in the future.

  4. Tim says:

    It keeps switching off because it’s not a “real” camera. But seriously – until a bug fix arrives why not use the new “disable display button” feature. Works for me.

  5. Ryszard says:

    I confirm,
    I also have this problem with my GH5 and the new 2.0 fw

  6. James says:

    Tried to recreate the problem but cant.

    Seems ok so far…. will watch with interest…..

  7. Nebe Erich says:

    My friend has the same problem. Even when he restarts, the camera shuts down immediatly. We could save the problem temporarely by quickly changing the display site while restarting. It seems, that the one specific grey Display Page without picture just showing sound-levels and other parameters forces the camera to shut down.

  8. Gabriel says:

    Never happend to me after flashing fw 2.0. Also not set the DISP button. You can try a factory reset from menu.

  9. Ron Evans says:

    Is there any relationship with the PC used to download the update. I am on a WIN7 PC and so far no issues. I think HDW is Mac based . Are the others reporting problems also on Mac’s

    HDW : Just confirming I am on a Mac.

  10. Gabriel says:

    Win 7 x64 here, no problems.

  11. Sheila says:

    Same for me. I googled the issue to fine a solution and found this blog

  12. Gardiner Mitchell says:

    Used my GH5 today after firmware update. Playback does not work and camera shuts down after 2-3 seconds. Camera will work on video modes but not on camera modes. If I hadn’t seen this post it was heading back to Panasonic for warranty repair.

    I am using Mac and based in UK.

  13. Rob says:

    Updated the firmware today and it has created the same issue as you describe.
    Thought it was a power problem. Thanks for your post and work around lets hope there is a patch soon.

  14. harry says:

    Same here. When disp button shows info screen then after 2 seconds camera shuts down. Power on and again within some seconds shuts down.
    Temp solution; don’t displey info screen

  15. I have the same problem, when toggle the dipaybutton the camera shuts down in display info screen. then comes alive again when i press the shutter button. i am living in Sweden.

  16. Mike Davis says:

    When I push the fn5 button (LVF) camera shuts down after a couple of seconds. When I press it again before camera shuts down, the problem goes away. This started happening after I uploaded 2.0. Anyone else having this issue. thx

  17. Magnus says:

    My new camera firmware 2.0 Also shuts down after a few second.

  18. Magnus says:

    In my case my camera start shutting down directly after I turned it on. I found out that after update it set my economy setting for camera to 1 second. Now I have turned it of🙂

  19. Keith Fisher says:

    Same happens to me, noticed this morning trying to get to the info screen, the camera shuts down after a couple of seconds. Only remedy i found was to switch camera off (its already off) using the power button, switch back on and immediately change the display with DISP button. This happens in all modes.

  20. Keith Fisher says:

    Contacted Panasonic, downloaded V2.1 update, issue fixed.

  21. Charles says:

    Happened to me today. Used Mac to download firmware update. I’m in the US.

  22. Jules says:

    Yep – same problem – really irritating -Panasoninc sort it out.


  23. Yes, same problem here… 🙁

  24. Mike says:

    Same proglem with my GH5 after firmware V2 applied, pressing the DISP until I see the large black and white info screen (the one with the large FStop, shutter, etc..) the camera powers down. Very frustrating Panny!

  25. Mike says:

    Downloaded the Panasonic ver 2.1 update for the GH5 and the problem is now fixed.

  26. nigel walker says:

    same problem

  27. Romann says:

    I have had the V2 software since shortly after its release, but only within the last couple weeks have I had the shut down issue. (I did take a small break from using my camera) so maybe it was always there and I just didn’t notice . But either way, I have the same issue. Power on, touch the display button and it will shut down. If I power on and off, it shuts down after a brief period.

  28. Jiva says:

    That’s exactly what I’m experiencing too. Going to try the latest update in the hopes that Panasonic have fixed this issue

    HDW : V2.2 fixes this issue

  29. nico says:

    Same problem here. That I can’t fix following your advice because I have about three seconds from the moment I switch the camera on to the moment the screen goes to “switch power off and back on again”…

    I’m in Portugal. If you can help, I’d be forever grateful.

  30. Melissa Troiani says:

    Hi, same issue. I’m on a mac

  31. Melissa Troiani says:

    Same issue with 2.2

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