IBC 2017 Day TWO

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My thanks to Simon Beer for sending these pictures live from the show floor.

Man gets attacked by an 8K seagull

The Sony PXW-Z90 receiving a lot of attention.

Meanwhile back at the JVC stand the game has just started.

IDX have brought out these cute V lock batteries almost half the size of other makes of V lock batteries. The IPL-98 packs are 93Wh capacity into a slim form factor weighing just 1.3 lbs.

Canon had the C200 on show.

Panasonic were very busy showing off the EVA-1 camcorder.


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  1. David Wilson says:

    OK but with both Panasonic 1″ sensor cameras and the new Canon’s XF400 XF405 having wide angle lenses what is Sony doing putting the Sony AX100 lens from 2014 on a 2017 Camera, or have I missed something? Also where is 50p/60p in 4k ? These are not cinema cameras so why no 50p/60p ? Pointless rehash of old models, a bit like Canon DSLs of late IMO

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