WEX demonstrate the GH5 V2 firmware on a loan camera

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WEX got their hands on a GH5 with FW v2 loaded and had a look at some of the new features. I have to be honest here in stating I don’t see a lot of difference between LGOP and All Intra, or not enough to convince me to use faster, dearer cards.

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  1. Brian says:

    It is great that they keep updating the camera but the 400 Mbit all-intra seems like a waste … makes sense for faster editing esp. for those whose computers aren’t quite fast enough, but I would like to see that speed applied to instead deliver clearly better imagery.

    But I want a DVX200 mk2 or a GH5 more low-light friendly, wonder if they could read the sensor in a way to somehow accomplish this, as they do with their more expensive cameras?

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