Interview with cameraman Mark McKillop filming BBC Drama “River City”

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Mark and I worked for the same video company (Flashback Video) over 30 years ago and this is almost the first time we have met in all this time.

I got to film in the Oyster cafe for the afternoon with my two GH5s running at 4K 50p, I had my FZ2000 filming a wide shot of both of us, seen below.

Between Mark and myself is the first camera we ever used in out careers the three tube JVC KY1900.

Surprisingly they were using Sony PXW-X500 XDCAM camcorders using three 2/3-inch type Full HD CCD sensors. I thought it might have been Sony FS7’s or F55’s for a more filmic look.

Mark with his dog Timber.

Mark with second cameraman Ray Houston another friend from my freelance days at STV.

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