The 4 main cameras that won the 2017 Digital Oscars

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Four cameras earned recognition for helping to usher in the digital age of filmmaking…

ARRI ALEXA was honoured for the pioneering design and engineering of the Super 35 format Alexa digital camera system.

Red Digital Cinema received an award for the the RED Epic thanks to its upgradeable full-frame sensors.

Sony for the development of the F65 CineAlta camera with its unique sensor design and ‘true’ Raw recording capability.

Panavision in conjunction with Sony for the design of the Genesis digital motion picture camera, which allowed for it to become one of the most widely adopted digital cameras for cinematography.

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  1. Duncan Craig says:

    And the prize goes to… the um, … um, the GH5!. Ooh no hang on a minute. Doh!

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