GH5 compared to the Sony FS7 Mk11 an interesting take !

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Hugh runs a web site called “Three blind men and an elephant” and gives us his opinion about the new Lumix GH5.

Hugh is a screenwriter and blogger. He lives in Willistown, Chester County, with his fiancé, her son and a dog. He is the father of two grown daughters, one living in Denver, and the other living in Seattle.

HDW : I am not so sure I agree with this comparison as the Sony FS7 Mk11 is a complete different animal.

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  1. Chuck Braverman says:

    Thanks for posting this. The first video on the camera that really make me more interested in this product.

  2. David Heath says:

    As I think you imply above, the two are very different animals, and such a comparison is a bit meaningless.

    It’s another example of focussing on what I’d call “headline specs”, which don’t necessarily tell the whole story anyway. Don’t get me wrong, the GH5 does look to be pretty advanced in terms of technology with many options – but it begs the question of why on earth they haven’t put such in a more video centric body!? The GH5 looks – is – primarily a stills camera, with a video mode. (Albeit a seemingly very advanced one.) The FS7 is primarily a video camera and in that respect superior to the GH5.

    The YAGH for the GH4 may have been less than ideal, but in other respects it did seem to point a way forward ergonomically. Going back to a hot shoe design to get an adaptor for XLR inputs alone goes a long way IMO towards disqualifying it from being a practical competitor to the FS7 in the real world.

    I wonder how big a tug on a connected mic cable it would take to damage the hot shoe connector…..?

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