Syncing perfect Timecode on your GH4 cameras

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I did not realise you could do this on your GH4 camera. It makes timecode syncing easy.

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  1. Duncan Craig says:

    It’s Christmas Day I know! but I wanted to share this useful info. Panasonic are currently offering £200 cash back on cameras like the GH4. But specifically you can buy the GH4R with unlimited recording times, and Log recording for only £799.

    I’m looking at the GH4 as a second camera for my trusty LS300. I’d like to just buy a second LS300, but I need something that’ll fit on my new Crane gimbal, and I’d prefer an MFT lens mount.

    If you get the chance Philip please try shooting both cameras side by side in Log and see how they compare. The only downloadable GH4 Log footage I can find is fairly unhelpful…

    Merry Christmas all!

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