A tripod finally suited for DSLR and Mirrorless video work (£300)

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Finally tripod manufacturers are now catching up with the DSLR/mirrorless offering a fluid head fit for purpose, except sports work.


I bought one of these last week for my Panasonic GH4R along with the 555B Levelling Centre Column. Finally I can release my Sacthler ACE tripod from duties using it with my JVC LS300 as intended.


The centre levelling is a dream something I have missed from using photographic tripods most of my photographic life.


The tripod head is very smooth both pan and tilt though I still won’t be using it for much beyond interviews. I already had the 055 PRO legs so I bought the the Manfrotto 755XB legs with centre levelling column (£189) swapped out the centre column with my 055 PRO legs so in total it cost me £300. (No doubt you can buy all the above as a complete kit for less than I paid.)

Total cost is £200 for the legs and £99 for the head and a further £149 for the the centre levelling column.

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  1. Jonathan Richards says:

    You should look up the Benro Aero 4. Just bought it and seems very comparable to this setup but a little cheaper

  2. Jiri Vrozina says:

    Why would you waste even one cent on that if you can buy proper tripod for your dslr or small camera.
    Sachtler ACE 4 is far better option.

    HDW : You are missing the point, the ACE tripods are good but more suited to video cameras (longer plate) the Manfrotto has a far smaller foot print so you are not battling with a plate sticking out both ends of the camera.

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