The Panasonic HC-X1 Video Review

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So far so good, the Panasonic HC-X1 is a great camcorder although this is a pre production model with beta firmware it works really well.


My thanks to Sean for giving me a whirlwind tour of Greenock and some very scenic shots.


The main thing that stands out from the HC-X1 is the quality of the 24mm lens and how Panasonic have done a great job perfecting its auto focus one of the best in class to date.


It was a cold day out filming and I soon started to notice some strange visual effects in the overexposed cloud formations, back at base all was revealed. As an aside I had the Hahnel HL-D54 5500mA  Li-ion battery and it works fine on the HC-X1 but won’t charge on the Panasonic charger, you need to use a 3rd party charger like the IDX LC-VWP.

filmlike-3 filmlike-v

We did come across a minor problem with scene file CINELIKE V. As of this post it is to be avoided at all cost till a new firmware is available to sort this strange reddish blooming, now remember I had a pre production camera with beta firmware so this might be the only camera with this strange effect, personally I would still check it. FILMLIKE 3 was the best of the bunch. My thanks to Alister for pointing me towards this overexposure problem.


Graeme brought along his new purchase a 7″ Black Magic Video Assist 4k and I soon had it mounted on the handle of the HC-X1 and it looked the business.


Here is my video review uploaded in 4K…enjoy. I have uploaded a 4K version here…

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  1. Tom Roper says:

    Thanks for a great review! The shots across the water have some areas of no detail. This characteristic reminds me of a dislike I have for my own AG-AC90, likely caused by compression but strange in light of the significant bitrate. Thanks again. Tom Roper – Denver Colorado USA.

  2. Rich Danby says:

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. Definitely a camera that I’m still very interested in.

  3. Fournier says:

    Thank you Philip! I’m impressed by the lowlight ability with a such small sensor. AF is very smooth, as you said.

  4. Phil says:

    I bought the HC-X1000 partially as a result of the good review you gave it, and apart from the Low Light I love it. How do you think the AF on the HC-X1 stacks up against the X1000 speed wise?

  5. Chris Ward says:

    Excellent work Philip, I like your attention to detail and your depth of knowledge is plain to see. HD Warrior has become my favourite blog.

  6. Roland Schulz says:

    Nice review, nice camera! Only downside I actually see is the somewhat ugly highlight clipping in the sky – but as with the PXW-X70 this may be a result of not so well optimised picture profile. May be this becomes better in the final release.

    HDW: Thanks Roland, I agree the highlight clipping should be addressed with the final FW release, thats the down side of reviewing a pre production camera with beta firmware.

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