Sweden’s new rules mean drones need a surveillance licence

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Sweden’s Supreme Administrative Court has issued a ruling that classifies drone photography as surveillance, thus meaning operators of drones with cameras would need to obtain a surveillance license – an unlikely case for members of the public. Swedish drone owners are understandably upset with the ruling, stating that it will effectively kill an entire industry. Local media outlets also find it troubling, since no exceptions are made for journalistic applications.

UAS Sweden, an organization of Swedish drone operators, plans to try to convince lawmakers that the decision is an overreaction that will have a tremendous negative impact on their industry. Either way, the policy will likely be difficult to enforce. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet points out that local police seem unlikely to prioritize any reports of suspected unauthorized surveillance.

Meanwhile have a look at Philip Blooms video on the Mavic Pro shot in his garden in “tripod mode”

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  1. Jane Bowles says:

    The EU Commission and others are pushing EASA for tight drone regulation. Again as Sweden are pushing their own drone regulation, there is dare I say a hysterical reaction thanks to some in the media. Foreseeing the situation and wishing to operate commercially,it is wise and necessary to go down the PfCO route. Don’t rush choose carefully I’m on my final approach with Heliguy.

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