“Multicam at a price” called MEVO on your iPad using 4K technology $399

MEVO title

As I was filming an episode of “One Roving Cook” the MEVO arrived… a very low budget multi angle production all from one 4K camera.

MEVO screen

Confusing…the main screen stays the same its the thumbnail (top of screen) that changes becoming your program output, it took a while over lunch to suss this out. The camera comes with a micro SD card but I could not find out how to record to it, so everything it stored on the iPad Pro.

Scott mevo

Scott became the vision mixer for the demo below, and before you all rush to the computer to order one… I was more impressed with the quality than I was expecting but the cut in picture is noisy as you would expect though not that bad as you can see in my demo below. The inbuilt mic can be overridden by your iPad as long as you have a SC7 patch cable as I have from RODE but that was not used in the demo below.

My main complaint from version 1 is that it can take ages for the MEVO Wi-Fi to be recognised by the iPad, I hope this gets better in the next firmware.

This would be a great unit for schools and colleges that want a low budget way of performing a multi angle shoot on HD.

Web site here https://getmevo.com/?_ga=1.138813747.1664467510.1467388305

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