One Roving Cook Episode One

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One Roving Cook E1

Will be interesting to see what my readership think of this, unfortunately I have been left with a slight stammer since my stroke but we all take it in good taste and joke about it.

Tec Dougie2

I am using various cameras to produce this a JVC LS300 with radio miss plugged into Ch1 and 2. A wide 7mm shot from a GH4 and a high production shot from a GX8.

top cam

The best shot comes from the FZ1000 mounted on my ceiling and controlled by my iPad to the left of shot. Unfortunately it has brought a glaring omission to light in You Tube …the ability not being able to update a video as you can in Vimeo.

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  1. Ron Coker says:

    Wonderful Philip.Quick and easy.
    Recently purchased Kambrook 5 cup rice and vegetable steamer, 1 cup brown rice, chopped celery, diced carrot, tomato etc up top. About 40 min, done. Add knob of Miso paste. Macro biotic. Power eating! Cheers.

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