Rumours for IBC 2016 and “Why did HDW sell his FS7 ?”


Canon Rumours are running a story about a 30MP Canon 5D Mk4 beyond this its anyones guess.


Another rumour is that IBC will finally bring us a 4K C100 to fend off the Sony FS5


Sony Alpha Rumours are now betting on an Alpha 99 with the following specs..

42 Megapixel sensor
499 AF points
Dual AF
4K video recording
Dual card slot
improved flash system+battery
will ship together with new 24-105 f/4.0


Last but not least why has HDW sold his Sony FS7, is he giving up the ghost. Don’t be daft, I am slim lining my production, acquiring cash for a camera that has not been used for over 3 months since my mini stroke. I am starting a new venture that I can reveal very soon which still involves me writing the HDW blog. A stroke is very debilitating and makes you very tired by 3pm as your brain needs a cat nap to repair itself. Fortunately I have outstanding work that can be done in the mornings.

I am realising a dream I have had kicking about my brain for over 5 years now and the stroke has focussed me into making it happen. It needs the money I got from the FS7 sale to kickstart it but all will be revealed soon.


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