USA price increase by 100% for PXW-X70 4K upgrade (UPDATED)

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Price 100

On the 9th of June we reported how unfair it was that those in the UK who had the Sony PXW-X70 had to spend £446 when B&H had the same software for £193.

Since our report B&H have now raised the software upgrade to £387 a 100% increase since June 2016. This camera was a great wee tool when it first appeared but most users have off loaded them for NX100’s or Z150’s…so why the price hike on such an old camera ?


Great news for X70 users finally sense prevails…CVP have reduced this upgrade to £235.20


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  1. Corporate GREED! The bane of the western world.

    Just move to another camera make?

  2. Pedro Rocha says:

    CVP dropped the price to £196.00

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