Japans looming sensor crisis

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Sensor CrisisDue to the recent earthquake Sony have written to all their UK suppliers telling them that as from immediate effect on line supply information for some categories will be temporarily subject to increased change.

This is due to the impact of the recent earthquake in the Kumamoto area and a temporary interruption of the supply information from Sony, Japan.

The same thing happened during March 2011 and caused an almost catastrophic loss to video supplies the last time.

HDW reported in 2011 “This could wipe out dealerships globally who depend on video equipment for a living, main stream video camcorders from Sony and Panasonic are already running short of stock and in some cases certain models have dried up with no lead times less than 6 months.”

No one knows if its just Sony thats affected this time but you can be sure if it uses a Sony sensor supplies are already running thin.

Q. How does this affect the UK…Simple less Sony kit to sell from DSLRs, mirrorless and camcorders across the range.

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