CAME Accordion £3,500

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Here is one of the strangest items to come from NAB…the CAME Accordion seems to be a new take on extendable jibs, this was discovered by my friend Johnnie over at Cinema 5D. I am not sure if the price includes the Ronin. Read more about it here…

The CAME-ACCORDION features an extending scissor arm that puts the camera right where you need it. The accordion motion allows the arm to extend 4.7 Meters (15 feet) out and then retract back in. The drive is powered by a V-Mount battery (Not included) and is controlled by a rocker switch. The max payload is 15Kg (33 lbs) and works well when paired with our ArgoProdigy or Mini 3 gimbal. These gimbals can be remote controlled with the Bluetooth joystick providing control of the camera. The kit weighs in at 35kg (77 lbs) and includes the crane, tripod, wheels and aluminium cases…Not the lightest kit I may add.

CAME Accordion – Get Your Camera Where You Need It from cinema5D on Vimeo.

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