Marionville Models in Livingston…Six filter ND & PL Osmo set for £99

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Filter set

On Friday we set off to Marionville Models in Livingston to get a cracking set of six filters for my DJI OSMO at the brilliant price of £99 the same filter set is advertised on Amazon for £169.


You will be treated by the antics of the owners Samoid pup on entry. The latest firmware for the Osmo cuts the fan off during filming.





Marionville Models
Unit 2 Eliburn Industrial Park
Appleton Park Way
EH54 6GQ

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm T 01506-429914


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  1. Ripsnorter says:

    How are you using the Osmo, Phil? Does it fit into your workflow at all or is it just a great device to enjoy having fun with? (That’s not a criticism, by the way). I’m looking for an acquisition tool that can be used for interview purposes, grabbing quotes or doing longer pieces. Is it possible to equip the Osmo in such a way?

    HDW : I love the Osmo and use it on most of my corporate videos, the addition of the ND/PL filters will be a major bonus. Why not watch the JVC LS300 firmware update v2 video again. I have just added it to my video review collection.

  2. Ripsnorter says:

    Thanks, Phil, that’s really impressive. How did you have the Osmo set up / yourself set up for sound? Is there any light attachment you would recommend for indoors? The JVC LS300 is fantastic! One day …

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