Rycote Super Softie Review coming soon


Using my Osmo recently with my older Rycote softie I noticed some wind noise which I was unaware of till I got back to base, I was using the new RODE NTG-4 short shotgun mic with the older softie.

I phoned Rycote and they were delighted to send me a sample of their new Super Softie for review…the results were…ahh now that would be telling.

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      You would not be the first to be disappointed with Rycote’s original softies’ abilitiws to reduce wind noise. I complained to them several years ago about how they rarely stopped wind noise in normal environments. I hope this solves the problem.

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      Looking forward to your review. I have constant problems with wind noise. These are expensive, so are they worth the price over a standard furry cat?

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