More Osmo X3 Footage

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more osmo footage

One of my contacts on Linkedin, Paul Bunyard has made a show reel using the DJI Osmo with X3 camera head.

Paul “In November DJI released its much anticipated handheld 4K camera gimbal system, called the DJI Osmo. I was one of the first to preorder and take delivery of it and since then I’ve used it on my freelance shoots.

It obviously won’t replace its big brother the Ronin that I use for the larger cameras but its a handy tool for shooting in public places and out of the bag quick shoots !

I’ve put together a few clips that I’ve shot with the Osmo, its a fantastic tool for the money.”

osmo scott

My only disagreement with Paul is the Ronin, I hardly used my Ronin due to its cumbersome size and weight on your arms. I can’t see what advantage the Ronin has over the Osmo especially since the Osmo can use the alternative X5 camera.


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  1. John Rose says:

    Loved the footage. Was this shot with the Osmo or X5?

    HDW : X3

  2. JR Dziengel says:

    Thanks for the nice footage! How’s the new firmware update? Benefits or Issues of the latest update? I appreciate your feedback.

    HDW ” Still testing

  3. Steve says:

    Is the firmware fixed now. There were quite a few bug reports that included gimbal failure (not staying horizontal or something).
    Is it reliable now?

    HDW : New FW came out 25th December 2015…still testing.

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