Sony have admitted problems with the FS5

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FS5 update

Finally we get the answer from Sony engineers on the problems seen with some FS5 users, here is the statement from Sony…

‘Sony has investigated the PXW-FS5 image artifact issues reported by users. Our engineers have been able to duplicate these issues and identify their root cause. Sony plans to provide a firmware update. Our goal is to issue this revised firmware toward February/end.

 To ensure that users achieve the best results from the FS5, Sony is also preparing guidelines to help professional shooters take full advantage of the FS5’s features, including S-Log and S-Gamut’.

Here is Alistair Chapman’s take on Sony’s news…

My understanding is that this primarily relates to the edge tearing issue as well as the blocking type artefacts that can be seen, particularly at higher gain levels. It’s great to see solid proof that Sony do listen to us. They always have done, but often simply went away and investigated and fixed the issue without actually saying anything.

It does still need to be remembered that in UHD the camera is an 8 bit camera and this firmware update will not change that. Nor will it change the recording bit rate.  I also do not expect to see a change of the cameras base ISO, so don’t expect to see any significant difference to the cameras noise levels. So while I am sure the firmware will bring a useful and welcome improvement to the image quality, you will still need to be careful how you shoot with the camera, especially in low light or with S-log in UHD. The user guides that are being prepared will hopefully address these areas.

Further info at

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Sony FS7 FW v3 update is now official (installed)

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FS7 title

Out today is the new firmware update for the Sony FS7. Sony Broadcast have now responded with a FW update here

New Features & Improvements:

1.) Focus Magnification function is improved.
– Support for magnification area position adjustment
– Magnification resolution improvement
2.) Support for “2K Full”, “2K Center” setting in Image Scan Mode
3.) Support for Interval Recording function
4.) Expand lowest value of Zebra level to 0%
5.) Support for Noise Suppression setting in Cine EI mode
6.) Video Signal Monitor usability is improved.
7.) The operability of “Iris setting” using the “Iris dial” and the “assignable dial” is improved.
8.) FS-RAW image quality and operation stability improvement
9.) Overall stability and operability of the camera is improved

HDW : V3 installed, the installation happens in 2 phases the first takes 5m the second takes 10m. I used a fully charged battery which is against Sony’s “use a mains adapter”. If the mains fails there is a possibility your camera will not work or brick, so with a fully charged U90 battery you have tons of power and takes that doubt away from a mains failure.

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All CF cards sold

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Thanks to everyone who bought my Transend 32G CF cards…a bargain at £10 each.

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YAGH for sale £600

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The YAGH has now become gold dust to those looking for quad SDI output as they are no longer available.

Spread the word that via HD Warrior we have the last YAGH in the original packing as good as new if interested email me on

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Panasonic GH5 full frame camera.

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Some people tell me Panasonic have too much to lose going full frame especially when it comes to lenses. Micro four thirds as a sensor size has taken panasonic far but it has also hindered them with noise beyond 1600 ISO.

Sony on the other hand brought out the A7s full frame camera with some spectacular results with ISO settings of 6400 and above though cannot attain a good natural skin tone as the GH4 can.

Panasonic need a noise buster and I think full frame is their only option, they constantly cripple cameras with noisy sensors.

A few choice PFF (Panasonic Full Frame) Leica lenses like a 20mm f2.8, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 80mm f1.8, 24-80mm f2.8, 70-210 f2.8 and a 300mm f2.8 would do the trick. The adapter companies like Metabones would soon have a Canon to PFF.

I don’t think it would be that much hardship to re-invest in FF lenses as long as they were fit for purpose.

Video features as the GH4 plus 4K 50p, LOG, lemo to XLR connectors on the side please and make sure there is a headphone output and “NO” 29m record limitation.

Adding a hand/battery grip (2 batteries, twice the power) would also give you the ability to adjust the sound (2 channels) and the headphone volume manually and give us a full size HDMI.

Any other ideas ?

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New VariCam from Panasonic on the 10th February 2016

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Interesting…are we witnessing a competitor to the Sony FS7 or even the FS5, lets hope so for Panasonic’s sake, they badly need a foothold into this marketplace and this just might do it for them.

Panasonic will announce their new VariCam on Wednesday, February 10th 2016 at 7pm at the DGA theater — 7920 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046.

PS. Dear Panasonic my Birthday is 5 days before your announcement any chance of an early birthday present xxx.

PPS. Thanks Rose for this heads up. xxx

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Art-list to issue a $199 a year music licence for filmmakers

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Price Reveal 2-1 title2

As we all know to our cost there is a lot of crappy music out there especially when it comes to non copyright CDs, how many times have you bought a copyright free CD to discover 8 out of 10 tracks are no good.

Some are better than others AKM music ( allow you to listen to short tracks of their CD online as well as digital downloads of single tracks. Single tracks are £10.96 while CD downloads are £36 per CD.

Premium Beat also sells audio tracks for filmmakers but @ $39 (£27) per track, its expensive.

An entirely new service will start at the end of February called art-list, a service allowing filmmakers freedom to choose from a list of tracks for a subscription fee of $199 (£140) per year. This sounds great as long as there is enough usable music for you to choose from…music is so personal but in my rule of thumb if the music does not conjure pictures while listening to it… is no good.

Art-list today revealed the price of their highly-anticipated music licensing platform, which solves many of the issues that filmmakers face when trying to license music. The company is also giving away five songs to showcase the quality of their service.

For a flat, affordable yearly subscription fee of $199, filmmakers and media creators get unlimited access to Art-list’s ever-expanding library of high-quality music. The music is sourced from a worldwide network of independent musicians, and rivals the quality of today’s most prominent music licensing platforms. Intro side2

Co-founded by Ira Belsky, a working Israeli filmmaker frustrated with the available options for licensing music, Art-list is tailor-made to provide inspiring music for filmmakers to use in their work on a commercial basis, and for a price that is comparable to what other services charge for a single commercial license.

“There’s a lot of great music out there, but most filmmakers don’t have the budgets to license a lot of songs,” Belsky said. “So we decided to create a platform that would give filmmakers unlimited access to real, honest music that comes from working musicians, and making it available to everyone for an affordable price.” Players side2

In addition to announcing the price, the Art-list team has pulled five songs from its catalog, and is giving them way for free to anyone who joins the company’s email list. Filmmakers, YouTube creators, and Podcasters will be able to use this music any way they want, including on commercial projects.

5 Free Songs copy

The songs include, Amsterdam, an upbeat track full of bright piano lines and sparkling acoustic guitar riffs, Black Goldie, an electronic ballad rife with unique sonic textures, and Gravity, an orchestral track with driving drums and a melodic, inspiring chord progression. Those looking to download the songs just have to go to and enter their name and email address. Once submitted, they’ll immediately receive their free songs both in WAV and MP3 formats through email.

Art-list is set to launch in late February 2016. For more information, don’t hesitate to email questions to

Art-list – Inspiring Music For Your Films from on Vimeo.

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NEW Flexible LED light by Fomex (£549 plus vat)

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Flex LED title

Got a phone call from Production Gear to see if I wanted to review the new Flexible LED from Fomex and here it is.

Television Lighting Consistency Index or TLCI is the most accurate of all the lighting consistency standards, this figure tells you how pure your LED light is, 100 being the best.

It came as no surprise that this Flexible LED light from Fomex has a fantastic score in both daylight and tungsten lighting with 98D and 97T…it does not get any better.

Light face

Quality is the first thing that strikes you when you unbox this light even down to the waterproof cable connectors. As with most Bi-colour lights you have a mixture of daylight and tungsten LEDs set into a waterproof rubber housing.

LED back


The Flexible LED light is not only very lightweight but is also flexible, you can bend the light even into a cylinder.


You can order a soft box that fits on with 4 magnets and you just velcro the white cloth onto the front. I decided to use an acrylic diffuser with velcro.


The dimmer/colour temperature unit sits on a lighting stand and has a “V” lock connection on the back of it. The only problem this is not explained in the company’s leaflet, how to achieve this.


You will receive this bracket and two screws.

Super clamp 2

You also need a Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp (£20) so make sure you order one with the light. You will see two holes on the Super Clamp as shown to attach the bracket to.

slide on

On the dimmer controller you will see two silver screws, slot them into the bracket as shown…job done.

I love the Flexible LED light so much so I bought one, the TLCI rating of 98D-97T is fantastic, LED lighting has come of age. The light and supplied accessories has the word…quality… written all over it and the purity of the daylight is gorgeous. You can even dim the light to 2% with no colour change or flicker.

I will be doing a mini video review to show you just how flexible this LED light is.

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Rycote Super Softie mini video review

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Softie title

The Rycote Softie was introduced a year ago at BVE and we filmed Head of UK Sales & Distribution at Rycote Microphone Windshields Ltd, Tim Constable.

Tim 2

If fact Tim let us use the new 3D Tex windshield during the interview, the Super Softie is £96 plus vat from reputable video retailers like Production Gear and H Preston Media.

Softie closer

The Rycote Super Softie is on a RODE NTG-4 with all switches on the off position. The sound was transmitted via the Sony UWP-D16 kit to the DJI Osmo.

Here are our findings on the new Super Softie…

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What’s happening to BVE 2016 ? (Updated with reply)

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23-25th February 2016 is this years date for BVE, ExCel, London so who’s going to be there ?

The list is getting bigger of the companies not attending BVE 2016 and is making me question the point of turning up. Two major players Sony and CVP won’t be there this year and speaking to another non attendee today it seems like BVE is becoming too dear to exhibit.


“We can get a bigger stand at IBC (Amsterdam) with far more traffic than we can at BVE, its just become too expensive, by the time you add the cost of staff staying in over priced London accommodation”

Some people have indicated the death nell for big production shows like BVE as an unnecessary cost due to the internet but I disagree, looking and feeling the product before you buy has a lot more benefits than browsing the internet.


I really enjoy my trip to BVE, the atmosphere and meeting many friends and followers of HD Warrior so not to be put off I will hopefully give it one more year and dip my toe in the water once again.


With no Sony you can’t learn from the guru of Sony’s editing platform…Mr Zulqar Cheema…the man who knows all about Sony Vegas.


A reply from BVE

“Hi Philip,

Thanks for the concern 😉 but no need to worry, the exhibitor list is growing daily, welcoming first time exhibitors such as Sky, HP, BBC, Pixit Media, Datavision and many more!
WTS will be presenting Sony this year amongst the huge range of products available from a highly diverse range of resellers, many of whom are returning to BVE yet again.

We have a new zone and theatre dedicated to the Pro AV & Live Entertainment Technology sectors for the first time.

Features include The Guardian hosting unique social media classes and a late night lock-in with comedians from TV and Radio.

Exclusive to this year is London Entertainment Week that even in its infancy has managed to partner NAB, Streaming Media and TPi.

Thanks for the preview Philip – get in-touch and we’ll happily shout you a coffee, even if it is all the way over in East London. Who knows, you could even write a review?”

HDW : Strange I thought I covered BVE for a few years on HD Warrior !

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