Happy New Year to all my readers…Have a great 2016

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Happy NY

As I type Adelaide in Australia has already had their New Year, so a great New Year to all my Australian readers and have a xxxx on me.

I will have a look back on 2015 over the weekend and two new user reviews…First a review of the Super Softie from Rycote and secondly a user review of the DJI Osmo with its new updated firmware installed.

Have a great night and a successful 2016 from all at HD Warrior.

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JVC GY LS-300 Review with FW v2 and Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 ART lens

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JVC FW2 title

The Scottish weather has been truly shocking, a review that should have been done and dusted in two weeks is now in its fifth week, my thanks to JVC for extending the LS300’s stay.

300 from top_HDR v2

The new firmware v2 is a spectacular update for this camera bringing J-LOG and a 2.3x digital zoom function for prime lenses.

I also finally got my Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 ART lens with Canon mount which worked a dream with the supplied Metabones Speedboster. I had to set the VSM to m4/3 to avoid vignetting.

Me and 300

So here is my 15m video review for you all to enjoy…a great 2016 when it comes to all my readers.

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DJI Release new updated firmware on Christmas day v1.4.1.80

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Osmo-WS-clyde-UD FW

I didn’t have my computer on during Christmas so it came as a very pleasant surprise to learn DJI had posted a cracking Christmas present for all OSMO owners.

Here is the Major firmware additions…

  1. Fixed the issue of the camera restarting unexpectedly when recording in 4096 x 2160.
  2. Improved horizon level accuracy for the roll axis.
  3. Reduced gimbal drifting in timelapse mode, improving stabilized image capture.
  4. Optimized handle movement control.
  5. Optimized control for Selfie Mode.
  6. Fixed a display issue when attempting to connect multiple mobile devices to the Osmo at the same time.
  7. In panorama modes, the gimbal automatically adjusts the roll axis to the horizon level.
  8. Optimized 4K video playback performance.
  9. Added support for firmware updates through the DJI GO app.
  10. Added audible prompts for the firmware update process. The Osmo will sound “D—DD……” when the update is

    complete and sound “D-D-D-D……” if the update has failed.

Osmo plus screen

We were using the Osmo this morning and that firmware would have been useful but hey ho at least they have addressed most of the major issues.

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JVC GY LS-300 FW v2 plus the new Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 ART lens coming Christmas week

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LS300 with Sigma

Shocking weather up in Glasgow these past weeks, hampering my JVC GY LS-300 FW update review but its not all doom and gloom, while waiting for the weather to get better I bought the Sigma ART 18-35mm f1.8 Canon fit lens.

SIGMA lens on 300

I already own the 60mm Sigma ART prime lens and its a cracking lens…as sharp as a tack, so it was no surprise to find the new 18-35mm lens just as sharp.

The Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 is the first lens you should buy for the JVC LS-300 as it gives you the following…

18-35mm x 1.5 crop = 27-52mm (35mm) plus the 2.3x digital zoom = 62-120 at f1.8

With one lens you can have a 35mm equivalent crop factor of 27mm up to 120mm at f1.8

Please remember you will need a Canon to m4/3 adapter like the Metabones speed booster to use the Sigma lens. The Speed Booster will reduce the crop factor to 0.7 plus gain one stop of light.

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Sony FS5 Firmware Update v1.1 now with external 4K output via the HDMI socket.

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Sony has announced the new firmware v1.1 to fix the inability of the camera to record 4K internally at the same time as outputting an image to externally via the HDMI port.

Got to put my hand up and say I have never tested this out on my FS5 but for those using 4K 25p 8bit I suspect its been a frustrating time.

Sonys download site tells us the following…

1.) External output and face detection support when recording in XAVC QFHD (4K mode)

You can get the download here : http://www.sony.co.uk/pro/support/software/SW_122115_PSG/1

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Audio Denoise from Crumple Pop $49 for a week… then $99

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This demonstration was performed inside FCPX and just before you jump on my back I payed full wack…$49. This is an independent test and I think this new plugin performed admirably against the built in denoiser which in my opinion becomes robotic and false beyond 35%. Keeping to their word the Crumple Pop version keeps a close eye on voice purity…

AudioDenoise is:

• Designed specifically for *voice*. The built in FCP X “Background Noise Removal” feature will sacrifice voice quality in order to remove noise. AudioDenoise maintains the quality of voice. We did this because we believe that video people are mostly interested in denoising vocal tracks (interviews, dialogue, podcasts, voiceover).

• Allows you to select a specific noise region for better results (by placing the playhead on a noise region before you drag on the plugin).

• Allows you to perform multiple passes by dropping on multiple instances of the plugin. This will yield better results in instances of heavy noise.

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Winter Clearance at Production Gear

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Secret Santa

Check out our massive end of year winter clearance sale – be quick and grab yourself a bargain.  We’ll be adding stock on a daily basis so make sure you check back often.


We’re updating our showroom stock and have one, non-activated, as new DJI Inspire with warranty – click now for price!

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18 Cameras in one year… Part 2

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P2 v3

MAY 2015…


I am also focusing on my video reviews of this year starting with the JVC GY-LS300.

June 2015…

NX100-June 2015

During June Sony brought out a further camcorder the HXR-NX100, I have often wondered what dictates the first 3 letters on a Sony camcorder but I am told by Mr Z Test its the codec.


During June we also ran this advert for ourselves and a week later got a phone call from Rory a director who had been let down by a DoP and asked me if I could film a small feature in Pitlochry for a week.

July 2015…


This was quoted as “seeing in the dark” once again at a price…$20,000

  • Ultra low-light performance at ISO 4 million.
  • High quality Full HD 1080p/1080i/720p output.
  • Flexible control with auto and custom settings.
  • Compatible with a wide range of EF lenses2.
  • Remote control of camera settings and built-in ND and IR cut filters possible.
  • Small and lightweight for ease of integration.

Hero4Session July

GoPro go for a new compact look but this departure also means new batteries and accessories, not worth the switch in my opinion.

September 2015…

FS5-main-title-IBC Sept

The big news came at IBC 2015 with Sony announcing the PXW-FS5, a cut down version of the FS7 in both features and size. This was to prove a significant addition to the Sony range as most FS7 users were realising just how heavy the camera was, hand held. This wee camera certainly fits the bill for 10bit 422 HD work and UHD 25p 4K work.

8K-title2 Sept

Canon decided to let their prototype Cinema Camera out the bag with a preview of their up and coming 8K camera…price on application.

Osmo-title Oct

September was Osmo time a potentially cracking product let down by faulty firmware, so far its been a month since they discarded the November FW opting for a factory reset which for me caused more problems so I am sticking to the November FW for now. The main problem is the tendency for the camera to list to about 20 degrees off the horison. It does not happen all the time but you would seriously think DJI would be a bit more on the case. Dont get me wrong I love my Osmo but feel let down by a company who seemed to have rushed this product to market without thorough testing.

October 2015…

Review-200-title Oct

Finally we got our hands on one of the first production models of the Panasonic DVX-200, a 4K bombshell.

December 2015…

X400 Nov

Sony Broadcast update their 400 series XDCAM camcorder with the new PXW-X400 with 422 XAVC i and XAVC L.


Finally RED bring out the RAVEN a 4.5K camera priced at a competitive £8,500 if comparing it with a C300 Mk11.

So thats all the new cameras that have mainly arrived during NAB and IBC this year, I reviewed the JVC LS-300 and the Panasonic DVX-200 both exceptional for the price. Its been a great year for me personally and I hope to be back during 2016 with more video reviews.

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18 New cameras arrive during 2015

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18 New cameras

Once again a bumper year for cameras, 18 to be exact, from shoulder mount to large sensor.


Ike-HC-HD300 Feb

Ikegami brought out the HC-HD300 CMOS studio field camera, Ikegami unlike most other manufacturers tend to build for the broadcast market.

APRIL 2015

8K-title2 Sept

This was the surprise from Canon previewing an 8K Cinema Camera, price is anybodys guess.

c300mkii-April NAB

Canon showed the C300 MK11 with 4K internal recording but spoiled it with uncompetitive pricing and reducing the C300 to a ridicules price at the same time.

XC-10-April NAB

The Canon XC-10 was also announced and to be honest has not taken off partly due to the non constant aperture fixed 10x lens.

ursa-mini April NAB

Another camera to make its debut was the URSA mini, great price at £2000 but spoiled by the EVF sold separately for a further £1000 half the price of the camera itself !

Wee-cam April

Black Magic also brought out the BM Micro Cinema Camera that takes micro four third lenses, I don’t know how well this camera has sold but at £679 you can’t go wrong.


Another shoulder mount from Panasonic the AJ-PX380 is a top end P2HD camcorder for the broadcast market.

AG-DVX200-4-lens-April NAB

The NAB show stopper was the Panasonic AG DVX-200 with its sexy red back. At £3,358 this 4K 50p camera has set the heather alight.

Kine-1 April

I know very little about this camera only that its 6K and sell in the US for $8000.

So thats up to April 2015 and already we have 9 new cameras, I will go through the rest of the year during the week.

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Sony PXW-FS5 with Prime lenses

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FS5 Prime

As you can see from an earlier post my first outing with the Sony FS5 was almost a nightmare, since then I have learned a lot more and will pass on my advice to fellow FS5 owners.

I came back from a non paying job with 2 shots that I was not expecting to be out of focus which unnerved me, the first thing I did was experiment with the FS5 and Samyang lens viewing the footage on a 50″ plasma TV.

me and FS5

My dog was in the middle of the garden about 45 feet away, I focused in on her legs with the peaking (focus assist) switched on. The red edging in the FS5 told me her legs were in focus as was the fence which was a further 20 feet away, that didn’t make sense. I was using the Samyang 35mm T1.5 cine lens wide open, the same one that had let me down. I punched in (4X magnification) to reveal the fence was not in focus. I did the exact same process on the FS7 with the same results, so its NOT the fault of the peaking. Since this I have spoken to Alister Chapman who told me peaking works on hard edges so the fact my dog was “peaking” it did not stop the “hard edge” fence peaking also, peaking is not infallible and must be used in conjunction with magnification etc.


Now the hard facts…You cannot rely on Peaking (focus assist) as your only source of help when focusing, unfortunately Sony no longer give us high resolution viewfinders any more so we have to rely on 3rd party EVF loupes or use 4x magnification punch in which works a treat.

Using Sony lenses with your FS5 will lessen the need for edge detection as the auto focus in the words of Alister Chapman is “a lot faster and more accurate than the human eye, especially if set to face detect”. Seemingly Sony have given the FS5 an auto focus which is a lot more accurate and faster than the FS7. Having tried it myself the FS5 AF is certainly better than the FS7 but this relies on Sony lenses, I have the Metabones smart adapter IV but it does not activate AF in video mode…

  • With PXW-FS7, NEX-FS700 and NEX-FS100, autofocus works only in photo mode but disabled in movie capture mode.

Very limiting in my opinion if your 3rd option to focus via AF is not activated using the Metabones adapter with Canon lenses.

The Samyang is a good lens but don’t rely on it at T1.5 as its soft, this can be used to good effect for an interview.

One little nugget I did find was that Sony have also connected the zoom rocker switch to the centre scan which allows you to digitally zoom 2x while using a prime lens…very useful, this is activated in the menu.


Having a loupe with a + 4 diopter on the FS7 certainly helps, the FS5 has no such luxuries, the OLED VF is a tad small but does allow you to see critical focus in daylight.

The only difference between my FS7 and FS5 is the loupe on the FS7s LCD which does make a big difference when it comes to critical focus.

Having a loupe on the FS5 LCD would have been an advantage, I am coming to the conclusion that the use of Sony lenses with AF is going to get quicker and more accurate focus on the FS5 than using non dedicated prime or zoom lenses, but certain lenses have their place and the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 Canon fit with E mount adapter is one of those lenses.

Dan Chung

The FS5’s native ISO is 3200 so why do we need lenses wider than f4 ? Here is the perfect example Dan Chung of Newsshooter shot this footage with a Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 ART lens on the Sony FS5 with adapter to good effect.

Newsshooter.com Sony FS5 London anti war demonstration footage – graded from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

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