DJI OSMO arrives and is an instant success…£548 incl vat Production Gear

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Wow, wow and wow…the DJI Osmo is an instant success…why ? My son was filming a friends wedding today down at Seamill in the Ayrshire coast and asked me if I could help him with the ceremony. The DJI Osmo arrived in Production Gear on Wednesday, shipped it for Thursday and it was raining all that day.

The camera can film 4K 25p, I set it to 1080 50p, you can control the ISO, shutter speed and WB via your smart phone and there is a mic input which I will be trying out tomorrow. It comes with one battery that lasts about one hour needless to say I have a spare battery on order (End of November).

Keep the ISO as low as the lighting conditions allow as the maximum ISO 3200 is a tad noisy. The other noise comes from the fan in the X3 camera itself and the inbuilt mic is not so good. The way round this is to use a radio mic which plugs into the 3.5m jack on the handle of the Osmo, the sound is far better.

Osmo closer2

Friday was the first day I had to play with my new Osmo but I was filming the wedding that afternoon so I decided to run a wee test at the wedding. For years I have dreamed of running around guests with a steadycam and today was payoff day.

There is a known bug at the moment where the horizon goes squint, I did encounter this a couple of times but re-started and things were fine, Simon from Production Gear tells me this will be cured in the next firmware.

The DJI has exceeded expectations, so much so I had to produce a 1.5m demo of my exploits. This new tool will be a major asset in my “box” of video tools…WOW !!!

A wee note : Sadly I sold my Ronin M as to be truthful I was not using it, the Ronin is such a specialised bit of kit. My tip when buying a Ronin is to get a carry case otherwise you will find yourself not using it, the DJI Osmo on the other hand is so small and comes with its very own case.

I think this 3 axis gimbal with X3 camera will become the defacto event tool for 2016.

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