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Osmo WS clyde crane_HDR FW title

The DJI Osmo is potentially a great piece of kit but until DJI get their act together the Osmo is a bit hit or miss.

DJI “The Osmo firmware v1.1.1.50 released on the 6th November occasionally caused problems of system instability and abnormal filming behavior, and our team is working around the clock to resolve these issues.

Osmo co TX

Meanwhile, we are releasing firmware v1.2.1.60 for users to restore the Osmo to the factory default firmware. The firmware version ‘v1.0.1.19+’ should be displayed in the DJI GO app after the restoration is complete.”

Personally I would refrain from doing this as I found the v1.2.1.60 to be even worse than v1.1.1.50

Osmo to cam better

Unfortunately the original software causes blank screens and communication problems between the Osmo and the tablet.

Osmo plus screen

DJI need to resolve the slanty horizon problem ASAP and can I just add you need more than one battery when purchasing an Osmo as you are lucky to get 50 mins per charge. The screen would also benefit from audio metering as you have no indication that your sound is going into the Osmo !

Note. If you are using a radio mic you must test it first to check the output of the receiver is loud enough for the input of the Osmo.

On the whole the Osmo is a great tool when used in full HD 50p, hopefully DJI will have a new firmware up before the end of November.

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  1. Ripsnorter says:

    Not a happy read, that, but it chimes in with quite a few other posts I have read about DJI itself. The Osmo’s potential is huge and it is in there somewhere, but the company needs to get its act together. Thanks for taking one for the team, Phil, and please keep us updated.

  2. Steve says:

    This is depressing. I had high hopes for this thing. I saw several negative reviews on B&H, and people returning the device in frustration.
    Can you keep us updated as to whether the next firmware update resolves the issue?

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