Panasonic DVX-200 “Stand out from the crowd”

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One of our site sponsors Production Gear have the new Panasonic DVX-200 in stock why not give them a phone on 020 8236 1212.

For all your video production needs in Scotland, get in touch with Small Video Productions

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  1. Just looked at the price…. £3540.00 inc VAT very good value! Hope I got some cash left when we move house after Christmas!

  2. Peter Loughran says:

    A quick search reveals several other reputable sellers with the DVX-200 ‘in stock’ at prices lower than the current “£3540.00 inc VAT” price at Production Gear.
    These things change all the time but, as it’s often worth shopping around (and asking your preferred supplier to ‘Price Match’ the best offer!), I’d suggest considering the following (prices @30th Oct.2015):

    Production Gear: £3,540.00 inc VAT

    3D Broadcast: £3,480.00 inc VAT

    H.Preston Media: £3,479.00 inc VAT

    CVP: £3,358.72 inc VAT

    Visual Impact: £3,358.72 inc VAT

    ProAV: £3,354.00 inc VAT

    The £186 potential saving shown by this quick search could go towards memory cards, batteries, camera-bag or other desirable accessories?
    Alternatively you could take the approach of movie legend George Raft who, when questioned about how he’d spent his $10 million fortune, said “Part of the loot I spent on gambling, part on booze and part on women. The rest I spent foolishly.”

  3. Jane Bowles says:

    Many thanks for your really helpful review. I got mine last Tuesday, partex at H Preston. It’s lovely everything is in the right place. I just wish it would stop raining!

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