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Live News

Producing live links for news inserts is fraught with danger, none more when you piss off the presenter.

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  1. Yes have this video on my facebook, magic.

  2. mark says:

    oh my, this reporter is hands down the most brilliant you can have. The unscripted “piece” was the best report a reporter can do. Done beautifully, articulated and substantial.
    Notice the cameraman: equally good, never left the frame, even re-focusing and maintaining the integrity of the coverage with high professionalism as well. Both as it should be, I agree with the headline by Philip. Definitely as news reporting should be.

  3. Ripsnorter says:

    This is Jonathan Pie, a satirist with his own YouTube channel. The fact that everything he says here is also 100% accurate is purely, uh, coincidental.

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