New Full 4K RED RAVEN from RED Digital Cinema …Price $5950 body only

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Converting the price for the UK this RED RAVEN is about £4300 plus vat which is direct competition for not only the new Panasonic DVX-200 but the new Sony PXW-FS5.

Equipped with a 4K RED DRAGON sensor the unit is capable of recording REDCODE RAW in 4K at up to 120fps and in 2K at up to 240fps. It can also record Apple ProRes at the same time, but only at 2K.

  • RED RAVEN uses a DRAGON Sensor, Shoots Max 4K
  • Sensor Size: 20.48mm
  • Crop factor compared to full-frame 35mm is 1.87x
  • 4K Up to 120fps
  • 4K 23.98 at 5:1 Compression
  • Takes Mini-Mags
  • Same body as WEAPON
  • All WEAPON modules work
  • There is at least one model with Canon EF mount
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Built-in Scratch Microphone
  • Price: $5,950 Body only

Red_Raven_1280_3 copy

RED RAVEN BRAIN ONLY – $5,950 ($500 deposit) – ships February 2016

RED RAVEN JETPACK PACKAGE – $9,750 ($1,000 deposit) – ships February 2016
Includes a RED RAVEN BRAIN, JETPACK, Battery Belt Clip, RED MINI-MAG 120GB, 4.7” LCD, AC Power Adaptor, and DSMC2 Outrigger Handle.

RED RAVEN I/O PACKAGE – $9,950 ($1,000 deposit) – ships March 2016
Includes a RED RAVEN BRAIN, Base I/O V-Lock Expander, RED MINI-MAG 120GB, 4.7” LCD, AC Power Adaptor, and DSMC2 Outrigger Handle.

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  1. All kind of nice cameras appearing, what does 2016 hold?

  2. Gabriel says:

    Now is the moment to change again your camera. With those specs I bet you will do it…

    HDW : I have a Sony FS7 why would I choose to swap over to a RED just because the body’s cheaper, everything else costs money not to mention the RED SSD drive.

  3. Jodie says:

    I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a brother out.

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