A new camcorder from Sony…the PXW-FS70 at a guess

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FS70 v2

This is a teaser set by Sony for the up and coming IBC 2015 video show. As soon as I saw the outline of this camera I envisaged the X70 in a new form factor. The PXW-X70 has been a good seller for Sony so it makes sense to bring out a more professional version. Remember the X70 was a bastardised AX100 from the domestic line.

Take away the XLR unit and the fold out LCD and add the following…

1. A new LCD higher up on the handle

2. Interchangeable lenses

3. Use the space from the LCD to add 2 XQD card slots and more manual switches plus sound controls.

4. Add XLRs to the body

5. Using the same codecs as the FS7 with I frame and L-GOP.

This is only an educated guess but I am betting its a cross between an X70 and some features from the FS7.


Either Alister is giving me a red herring or he is genuinely telling me I am off on the wrong foot…OK its a cut down FS7 !

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  1. Jane Bowles says:

    Now that is very interesting. I’ve been reading your posts carefully re: DX200. I’m thinking that it is time to upgrade from my EX1R & NX5.Unfortunately an FS7 is out of the question. Thanking you your your well grounded and practical blogs.

  2. Andrew Jones says:

    Ahhhhh!!! Very smart!! I, like many, had been imagining some kind of post FS100 but in the form of a revamped professional VG30/900ish like body. I hadn’t thought about an FS70.

    The X70 is certainly a popular camera, but perhaps not quite as popular as what it could be and as what SONY expected – maybe. So your educated guess would make a lot of sense if it were to transpire.

    Anyway – all will be revealed on the 11th, but the guessing game in the meantime is all good fun.

  3. Steve says:

    I have the PXW-X70 and I like it. The things I’d like to see changed:
    1. Swiveling right hand grip.
    2. Brighter lens or bigger sensor
    3. Constant aperture f/2.8, or f/2 lens. If it’s interchangeable lens, then we need a new really good ENG style zoom.
    4. Lots more button controls
    5. Better mic holder
    6. Built-in wireless mic receiver would be cool (compatible with Sony’s UWP transmitters)

  4. Jiri Vrozina says:

    If Sony want new popular affordable $5K camera, it must record on to fast SD Cards.
    It would be great to have Full Frame Sensor from A7S and its Codecs.
    Then Sony’s Full Frame Zoom Lens 28-135 would become good seller.

  5. I’m as in the dark as anyone, but as an FS100 (among others) owner and a follower of Sony’s recent developments i’m going to go in a different direction.

    I’m guessing it’s an FS200 type cam… 4K, 35mm sensor, internal 4:2:0 8bit 4K, 4:2:2 10bit 4K via HDMI… Sony-E lens mount. 2 x XLR input and a rear/mid mounted viewfinder. 180fps slow-mo in HD..possibly capturing to XQD media. (only 1 slot)

    So an FS7 ‘Light’ version really. Cut down viewfinder, cut down codec, no 3G-SDi, only HDMI.

    FS range is always aimed at cinematic users… there won’t be any fixed lenses… i hope.

    Let’s see….

  6. jon says:

    I wish for a nice big OLED viewfinder for those of us who still use viewfinders out in the bright daylight.

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