A new solution to those annoying DSLR camera plate designs…Quick Release ONE from Edelkrone £95

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At last someone has got their head screwed on and designed a universal quick release system for DSLRs. The Edelkrone QR-ONE only relies on the 1/4″ screw itself so you never need to find that illusive camera plate that only fits on one tripod.

QR green


The video tells the story…simple but effective, a great product for those of us who use more than one make of tripod.

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  1. Darren says:

    Got to love Edelkrone for their clever, original and ingenious design solutions.

  2. steven lyons says:

    doubt it will not cause problems. Extremely important to make contact with flat bottom, because when using long lenses this type of connection will amplify camera movement

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