Lily the throw and follow Drone…Cool ! ($999)

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Watch the video…this is a cracking idea for a drone, it follows you via its own tracking device (seen above).


This is going to revolutionise drone filming from bikers to hillwalkers or it can simply do a 360˚swoop of your self…fantastic.


It films up to 1080 60p, slo-mo up to 120fps and 12MP photographs. (Double click this picture to see the full size JPEG, very impressive)

Note : There is an offer to buy the Lily for $500 (£330) upfront for about a month but beware…read Simons passage below.

WORD OF WARNING…from Simon Beer an official drone pilot.


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  1. Looks great 🙂

  2. Brilliant, takes selfies to a new level.

    I predict it will be backordered everywhere.

  3. Looks like if you pre-order, it is $499.

    I am seriously thinking of going for the deal

  4. Rill O'Bielly says:

    20 minutes will go by fast. Better be quick at what you’ll do.

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