Small HD 502 Field Monitor with a 1920 x 1080 LED screen… £760 plus vat (Production Gear)

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This is one of the best 5 inch LED screens I have seen, the picture you see is not a photoshop job its a still from my Sony A7s taken on a job yesterday.


This is a 50% enlargement from the screen…absolutely fantastic. The SmallHD 502 has both SDI and HDMI in and outs. I will be using the screen with my Ronin M next week at an airfield…more about this next week.

The ‘SmallHD 502 Field Monitor’ which has both SDI and HDMI inputs/outputs (with cross conversion) and currently lists at £895 + vat (Holdan, CVP prices) but is listed elsewhere at lower prices showing as £760 + vat at one of our site sponsors Production Gear.
Anyone needing only HDMI connectivity can save some more money by opting for the ‘SmallHD 501 Field Monitor’ which is otherwise identical but forgoes the SDI connections and lists at £675.00 + vat (Holdan, CVP prices) (£621.00 + vat at ‘Production Gear’).
Adding the ‘SmallHD Sidefinder’  (£215 plus vat) allows either of the above monitors to be used as a high quality EVF.

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AJA reduce the price of the CION to $4995 a drop of $4000 !

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AJA Launches “Summer of Savings” Promotion for CION and Select Ki Pro Products
Amazing New Pricing for the CION Production Camera, Ki Pro Quad, Ki Pro Mini and Ki Pro Recorders

Grass Valley, CA (May 26, 2015) — AJA Video Systems today launched the “Summer of Savings” promotion, reducing pricing for the CION production camera, Ki Pro Quad, Ki Pro Mini and Ki Pro recorders. The price for CION is now $4995 US MSRP, which reflects a $4000 price reduction. Ki Pro Quad is now $2995 US MSRP, Ki Pro Mini is $1495 US MSRP, Ki Pro is $2495 US MSRP, and Ki Pro ND is $2295 US MSRP. AJA customers who purchased the CION production camera before May 26, 2015 will receive two AJA Pak 512 SSDs for free, directly from AJA (valued at $2495 MSRP).  

“CION already offers so much in terms of cinematic image quality, functionality, workflow flexibility, and with this new lower price we’re completely removing the barrier to entry for so many in the indie and commercial filmmaking market,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “Our Ki Pro products were the first to deliver hardware ProRes recording in a portable device, and this price promotion is designed to get this proven performance into even more customer’s hands.” 

AJA’s “Summer of Savings” begins today through the end of summer 2015. Current CION owners can submit their request for the free Pak media drives to . For more information about AJA products please visit

About CION
Ergonomic and lightweight in design with unparalleled connectivity, the CION production camera is capable of shooting at 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD resolutions. In-camera recording directly to the Apple ProRes family of codecs, including 12-bit ProRes 444, enables incredible image quality capture to cost-effective AJA Pak SSD media at up to 4K/60p, and offers compatibility with a wide range of post production applications. CION can also output AJA Raw at up to 4K 120 fps via 4x 3G-SDI or up to 4K 30 fps via Thunderbolt™. 

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User Review of the Ronin M coming soon

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This is a tool I have had my eye on for a while now and the newer, lighter Ronin M is right up my street. I intend to use it with my Panasonic GH4, Sony A7s and my Sony X70.

I need a wee bit of time to get to know it but first impressions are very encouraging.

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Overview of the new Saramonic Audio adapter coming soon

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DJI Phantom 3 landing on Tuesday at Production Gear (£1032 plus vat) with spare battery.

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Tomorrow is a big day for Production Gear, DJI Phantom’s are arriving at Borehamwood, Hertfordshire in Studio 2000  (15 miles outside Central London) with limited spare stock. The only difference between the Advanced and Professional is the camera, the 4K is on the Professional.

Why not give the boys at Production Gear a phone on 020 8236 1212 or visit their web site (see link on the right of page).

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Lily the throw and follow Drone…Cool ! ($999)

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Watch the video…this is a cracking idea for a drone, it follows you via its own tracking device (seen above).


This is going to revolutionise drone filming from bikers to hillwalkers or it can simply do a 360˚swoop of your self…fantastic.


It films up to 1080 60p, slo-mo up to 120fps and 12MP photographs. (Double click this picture to see the full size JPEG, very impressive)

Note : There is an offer to buy the Lily for $500 (£330) upfront for about a month but beware…read Simons passage below.

WORD OF WARNING…from Simon Beer an official drone pilot.


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The Tour coming on June 2015 at Manchester and London

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This will be your first chance to get your hands on some of the best new kit coming during 2015. Two of my site sponsors will be attending, H Preston Media who you can place orders for any of the new kit at the show. Holdan will be showing off the new Panasonic AG-DVX200 and the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini.

The Pie Factory at Manchester on Tuesday 9th June and two days at The Old Truman Brewery at London on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th June.


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JVC GY-LS300 Video Review…Upgraded to 1080p

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Finally the JVC GY-LS300 Video Review is edited, I asked JVC if I could have the camera for an extra week and thats proved very fruitful for the review.


JVC have thought about this camera, listened to their end users and produced an excellent Super 35mm large sensor camcorder that produces very sexy footage in both daylight and low light.

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ICE LIGHT 2 arriving end of May £549

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I have an ICE LIGHT and still use it especially on location, it gives you a very low footprint compared to a normal flat panel LED light.


The Output
You asked for even more power and we delivered. Thanks to a new-patented technology, the Ice Light 2 is 50% brighter while still offering the same compact surface area. No need to sacrifice portability for output, the Ice Light 2 offers you both.

The Quality
Ice Light 2 features a 96 CRI (Color Rendering Index) at 5500 degrees Kelvin. Why does this matter? A CRI index measures the ability of a light source to accurately render all frequencies of its color spectrum. Lower CRI ratings will result in problems with skin tone and color.

The Beauty
Unlike Speedlites or traditional LEDs, the Ice Light has a built in diffuser saving you both time and money. There is no need to purchase additional softboxes or accessories. This custom designed diffusion panel is solid to protect the LEDs and curved to provide a broad 72.6 degree beam angle. This results in a very portable unit projecting incredibly soft light over a broad surface area.


The Power

The Ice Light 2 includes a removable Lithium Ion battery built directly into the handle. Providing a run time of 60+ minutes at full power, the battery is designed to be charged both inside and outside of the Ice Light. Cost-effective replacement batteries make it affordable to always have a few spare batteries on hand.

The battery indicator helps you keep track of your remaining power to make sure you never shut down during that perfect shoot!

* 5 dots lit = 100% Power
* 4 dots lit = 80% Power
* 3 dots lit = 50% Power
* 2 dots lit = Need to Charge or 25% power
* 1 dot lit = almost discharged or under 5% power

The Performance
Using high-quality design and components, the Ice Light power stays consistent throughout the entire duration of the battery. This means your output doesn’t drop as your battery power does but rather the currents increase while the voltage decreases providing a stable light consistency.

The Ice Light provides a fully flicker-free output ideal for video. Inexpensive power supply can allow some voltage to pass into the LED lights, creating what is referred to as “ripple”. The ripple can cause the LED to pulse of flicker, affecting your video shot.


The Functionality

The new digital power display offers precise control over a 10-step flicker-free range. The Ice Light also offers power output memory. When on a shoot, figure out your perfect setting and then simply turn if off to save power. The Ice Light will remember your setting when you turn it back on!

The Ergonomics
Weighing a mere 1.2 lbs., the Ice Light 2 is easily operated with one hand allowing the ability to actual shoot and light your subject at the same time. The included carry case makes shooting on location a breeze with adjustable shoulder strap and included cord bag.


The Certifications
We care about your safety. The Ice Light is CE Certified for safety and allows photographers the ability to travel abroad with no issues. This certification indicates a product’s compliance with EU legislation and enables use of the product in the European market.

The Voltage
The Ice Light is multi-voltage from 100 to 240 volt allowing for worldwide use.

The Accessories
For our users, Ice Light 2 and Ice Light 1 accessories are fully interchangeable! No need to re-buy accessories you may already own.

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