Sony PXW-FS7 User Review coming soon

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I will soon be filming a user review of the Sony PXW-FS7, the codecs are fantastic if you want top quality stick to XAVC I (32G card 16m) or if you need space choose XAVC L  (32G card 70m). You will be astounded by the XAVC L footage this is the same as XAVC HD on my PXW-X70 camcorder running at 50 Mbps.

Please note as I did not buy this camera to increase my workflow I won’t be delving too deeply into CINE EI mode, if you wish to increase your knowledge of CINE EI mode then why not rent Doug Jensen’s Master Class on the PXW-FS7 chapters 14-17 will give an in-depth tutorial on MLUTS, Look Profiles etc.

Note : XAVC I is FCPX friendly while XAVC L needs Sony’s Catalyst Prepare software before you can take it into FCPX.


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  1. Paul says:

    which microphone and enclosure
    have you put on the FS7 in the photograph please?

    Its a small Panasonic camera mic enclosed by a bespoke Rycote wind shield I rejigged myself.

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