Radical Video Slider from AMC PHOTOVIDEO £349

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I was during August 2014 that Zhac and his son James came to Glasgow to show me the new slider from AMC PHOTOVIDEO who are based in Lancashire. This was a per production model.


We took the AMC slider to one of our local parks in Glasgow to photograph and produce a small 38s video. Unfortunately the tripod head that’s holding the slider (Manfrotto 504HD) had developed a fault and would not lock down completely but on the final shots when James is sat down on the bench we managed to reposition the slider taking a fair bit of strain off the head giving us far better smoother shots.


The slider’s carriage uses 6 steel wheels and works a treat, we used the Panasonic GH4 with a 12-35 f2.8 lens.


Young James a keen photographer himself loved playing with the slider, there are 2 Adjustable Locking Points for Start to End Shooting, acts as transportation lock.


The Radical Video Slider Track is designed to produce smooth sliding video images. An aluminium profile measuring 80mm wide ensures camera stability when using Professional Video Cameras with Prime Lenses and HDSLR Systems. Slider blocks are included to fix the the end of the slider to 2 studio stands or slide one of the blocks to the middle and fix it to your tripod. Includes start to end adjustable shooting points which can also lock the Camera platform when not in use.


Have a look at the AMC website  http://amcphotovideo.com

Here is a 38s video we shot at the park.

Radical Video Slider from Philip Johnston on Vimeo.

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