Sony PXW-FS7 Arrives in Glasgow

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Finally my very own Sony PXW-FS7 arrived this morning…Fantastic…its the first large sensor camera to tick all my boxes.

I will be getting the 28-135 servo lens sent up to me when it arrives and some 128G XQD cards. The camera is well made, very robust, as is the XQD media itself.


This is just a quick blog to whet your appetite but I have a string of blogs and a user review to produce but I won’t be doing the review till after BVE next month.




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  1. Paul London says:

    Great! Really looking forward to your review. This camera is what I have been waiting for (and a lot of other people I think too). I haven’t been this interested in a camera since the launch of the Panasonic AF104.

  2. Chris Gibbs says:

    I’d like to see reviews of this camera “as-is” without thousands worth of accessories bolted to it. How usable is it straight out the box? How small can you keep the kit and still be effective? If pairing it with the A7S and Sony FE glass how usable/flexible is the combined kit?

  3. Chris Gibbs says:

    Your experiences with XQD media too – these things are way too expensive!

  4. Dane says:

    All i would like to know is how wide the Sony 28-135 lens is?

    HDW : By all accounts if its a full frame lens it will be 28-135 x 1.5 crop factor = 42-203

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