DSM now producing DSM-U84 batteries for the Sony FS7 (£120 plus vat)

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From today you can now buy the Sony equivalent to the BP-U84 the DSM-U84 which is not only a better battery but costs a lot less than a Sony original.

Note : You must specify if you are using a Sony FS7 when purchasing these batteries as the older U84 won’t work.

The DSM U-84 battery is rated at 84Wh and is the same size as an original BPU-60 which is rated at 55Wh. But feedback from people using the battery, say it powers their camera longer than a Sony BP-U90 that is rated at 85Wh.


This is a new over night charger and takes about 9-10 hours to fully charge 2 DSM BPU-84 batteries.

DSM Batteries are fully guaranteed for 2 years

Pricing the DSM-U84 is £120 plus vat and the DSM-U60c dual battery charger is £39 plus vat.

Interestingly the DSM U84 and Sony U60 are both the same size but under the hood the DSM gives you 121 minutes more and £43 cheaper !

DSM U84 fully charged 352 minutes

Sony U60 fully charged 231 minutes

The Sony original BP-U60 is £163 plus vat.






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