Working for Good Morning Britain on site for 5am

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Arriving at 4.40am at Saltcoats this morning it was wild to do a live camera for Good Morning Britain.


Scott checked the weather and it was to get worse as the day drew on.


The OB truck was operated by Dave and he had a hell of a time teeing up the signal to the satellite and compound things not only the buffeting of the wind but the sea salt air was causing major problems, the truck would have to get a hose down after todays job.


Finally we were on the air at just after 7am our reporter Katy Rickett had just landed from her honeymoon 3 days ago from 28 degree heat to baltic.





Myself and sound man Ian, the camera was a Sony HDW-750, as a wee aside the camera although covered with a rain cover had a constant mist of salt water battering in from the sea, my hands and face were covered in a layer of salt, this same salt that nearly shut down our transmission.



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  1. Tim Haskell says:

    Crikey Philip – I’m shivering just looking at your photos from this morning! Hope you have all warmed up now!! Best wishes, Tim

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