The NextoDI NSB25 Video Storage Bridge

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Alister “As part of the Beta Test team for the Nexto DI NSB25 I was asked to prepare a video review of the unit, so here it is. The NSB25 is much larger than previous NextoDI devices as it is designed to make make multiple simultaneous copies of a huge range of solid state media on to pairs of internal drives. By using pairs of drives the device creates both a master copy and safety backup and the same time. Furthermore it can also accept an additional external USB3 drive for a third copy or for offloading already backed up footage onto the external drive. The card reader part of the unit is modular so you can insert different modules depending on the recording media you are using. You can even plug in an HDMI TV or monitor for full screen playback of most formats directly from the device.”

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  1. Interesting,except that I don’t understand the part about the “hard drives”.

    Presumably, the NSB25 unit is meant to be carried around and ordinary hard disks unfortunately don’t do well when they get bumped/dropped.

    Panasonic has a line of Toughbook laptops that are, well, tough.

    Their top of the line unit meets this spec

    “MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F, IP65 certified sealed all-weather design”

    This is no ordinary laptop and the pricing for it reflects this.

    Perhaps you could get the manufacturer of NSB25 to comment on the conditions under which it can/should reasonably be used.

  2. Great review, looks very useful indeed.

  3. matt says:

    So hang on, we buy expensive SxS because they are ROBUST – REALIABLE – PROFESSIONAL – because they give us reassurance our footage is safe, but then we copy it all over to a cheap consumer hard drive.

    This makes no sense whatsoever – you might as well just use SDHC cards in an adaptor in the 1st place.

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