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I can’t say too much about this at the moment but we had a great time down at Holdan in Glossop during the week.


This is a GoPro still from one of 3 cameras filming Tony and me.


Holdan’s have their very own production studio along with a DMX lighting gallery, a Cambo Jib to die for where I placed our GoPro and a Cambo tracking dolly.


The GH4 with YAGH worked a dream alongside the Sony A7s and the Sony PXW-X70 mounted on the tracking dolly.


Using the Datavideo TP-500 DSLR iPad mini prompter with the Datavideo WR-450 Bluetooth remote control.


Nigel with my prompt and Tony using the new Panasonic HC-X1000 4K camcorder. I must thank Nigel and Tony for their help over the last 3 days and for everyone at Holdan who were very accommodating and friendly.


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  1. Tim Haskell says:

    You couldn’t ask for a more friendly and professional team than at Holdan’s. I very much enjoyed working with Nigel, Alan and Richard a few years back and always look forward to seeing them at trade shows!

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