Rick Young’s Lighting Tutorial using 4 Dedo LED lights.

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My good friend Rick Young has a new tutorial out about lighting using a Dedo lighting kit, this will give you a basic knowledge on good lighting techniques. 

Rick “When lighting it can be just as important to take into account the natural light in a scene, as well as how to position and make use of artificial light. For many situations, the natural light needs to be supplemented or extended.

In this video, a 4 light setup is shown, using 3 x dedolight DLED 4 and a single Felloni. The results clearly show how the scene looks without any supplemental light, and with a complete lighting setup. It is the combination of natural light and the LED lights which makes this scene work.

By using the right tools and learning a few simple techniques, you can dramatically improve the quality of your images.”

Lessons in Lighting: extending natural light from Rick Young on Vimeo.


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