BBC R&D at the Commonwealth Games 2014

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I got an invite on Monday to see the BBC R&D team at the Glasgow Science Centre as they were experimenting with 4K.





My thanks to Brandon Butterworth for the invite, here is a small 5m film I made…enjoy

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  1. Nice to see some coverage on the Commonwealth Games.

    I just wish BBC had hired Small Video Company to provide some local expertise and content.

    It would have added a different dimension to the reporting.

    K Walter Keirstead
    Creative Director
    CvX Productions
    Hudson, Qc, Canada

  2. Thank you Philip for this excellent glimpse into the future. I remember the first time I saw video on the Internet. It was back in 1999 – a pixelated 320×240 picture at college on a fast T-1 connection. I thought to myself this is the future, and look where we are now. Amazing!

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