Shocking pictures from BBC Network news

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Working this morning I had the telly on in the background watching the live inserts for the Commonwealth Games when I noticed this 2 shot.

I suspect its from an unmanned dome camera but the perspex or camera lens was filthy, this is certainly NOT the quality of pictures you expect from the BBC.

It’s slack and poor production values that cause this type of picture to appear on mainstream television…did no one check or care that the picture was substandard or as I suspect the damage was inside the lens.

main-camIn fact looking at this again it’s the main camera you would not dare use a remote dome camera as a main live camera so the lens was dirty…shocking.

Get your act together BBC filthy lenses is a total lack of care and NOT ACCEPTABLE !!!

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  1. Gwynne says:

    I’m glad you highlighted this as I thought the same thing when watching the segment this morning. I always give the lens a wipe with a clean cloth before filming as second nature! When I used to freelance for quite a big production company many years ago I was given an Ampex400 betaSp camera with a really good bit of Canon glass to take on a shoot. When I picked the camera up I was shocked to see just how dirty the lens was. Goodness knows how much footage was shot in that state!

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