Panasonic GH4 User Review this week

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GH4 Review teaser

Reviews take time to film and edit in between paying jobs so please be patient, this is a still from my opening sequence all shot in silhouette. NOTE : This User Review only covers the video side of the GH4.

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  1. Tim says:

    Looking forward to the review.
    The silhouette reminded me of a problem I noticed with my GH2.
    When using Ex. Tele. Convert even at low ISO I noticed banding and block noise in the lighter shadows – around 0.4 volts on the waveform.
    It becomes really noticeable when exposing for the highlights like your silhouette. Hope the GH4 doesn’t have this problem.
    Have you had any problems with the audio buzzing problem when using 3rd party microphones? Panasonic USA have admitted the problem and offer a free fix.
    Very keen on your comments about 1080p 50p.
    I did a quick test the other day and found 50p to perform so much better than 25p. Any observations? Many thanks!

  2. Harry says:

    You mentioned a Sony Eyecup in the past – but never posted a link to the ebay or even a part number?

    HDW : Correct but I can’t source it and seemingly Sony sell them for £60 which is outrageous.

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