Major BT outage UK wide

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Major UK outage issues from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow to mention but a few, internet users are having various problems from slow to dead stop internet connections.


This was the internet map outage this morning, totally unprecedented in the UK a complete internet outage.

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  1. Matt Davis says:

    And by 11:30, we seem to be back. 2 hours – inconvenient, demonstrates the need for a backup solution, but at least it was being fixed fast.

    I know it’s fun to bash BT and the like, but I’ve had longer power cuts, and it’s not as if it was the water or sewage being cut off. LOL

    Throughout the ‘outage’ my O2 3G connection was working fine, got mail, got info. But 24-48 hours without the internet or access to uploading video files could be a bigger problem.

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