Anyone got an Ultra Studio 4K…10.1.1 has just be released (Update)

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I noticed the new 10.1.1 drivers up on the Black Magic site today and fixes for audio problems you get with V10.1….yee ha !

What’s new in Desktop Video 10.1.1

• Audio fixes on all inputs and outputs.

• 10-bit RGB support on HDMI in all HD modes.

• Fixes for Avid Media Composer Title Tool and timeline output.

• Fixes for output flicker and issue when replacing clips of different formats in ProTools 11.

• General performance and stability improvements.


I am doing some more testing today…The Conclusion


My friend Aliaster brought his two PX270s over and all three caused a green/purple out of the HDMI socket and the same HDMI lead out of my GH4 was fine so my conclusion is the signal coming out of the PX270 is non standard…taking the HDMI direct to a monitor is fine and taking the SDI out of the PX270 into the Ultra Studio 4K is also fine.

Something has been tampered with between v10.1 and 10.1.1 of the Black Magic software as the HDMI (Video) was fine in 10.1 some people are speculating this new feature “10-bit RGB support on HDMI in all HD modes”.

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  1. Jason Lord says:

    Hi, so you just got the green problem? Have you tried changing colour space?

    What’s the source footage?

    Is it RGB or CMYK?

    It looks as if your source is RGB but the capture is set to CMYK

    HDW : CMYK is a printing colour space in Photoshop !

  2. Felix says:

    Could it be hdcp issue?

  3. Jason Lord says:

    Sorry going mad. Meant YUV.

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